Packing on the Weight

Well, we went for a weight checkup at the end of last week and she’s definitely putting all  that milk to good use because she gained 7 oz’s in 9 days, bringing her total to 7 lb’s 8.5 oz’s. Everything is going great just trying to get her on a schedule. She’s takes after her dad, she likes staying up into the wee hours. Here’s a photo from this afternoon.

Hayley’s first visit with her Great Grandpa Landon!

We finally made it out to introduce Hayley to my 91 year old Grand Father. Like the rest of us, he was completely awestruck. She had fun and told me she looks forward to many visits with him.

Hayley Elizabeth Irwin

Our little Girl finally got here! She was born Friday, May 25th at 12:32 PM. She came in at 6 lbs 13 oz’s and 20 inches long!