The first Brisket!

It was bound to happen. After 6 racks of baby backs, 2 whole chickens and 24 drums, a brisket finally found it’s way into The Egg (Yes that’s capitalized). I picked up a 14 LB USDA Choice whole packer brisket at Sams and it spent 24 hours in some Dizzy Pig BBQ Dizzy Dust. I put it in the smoker yesterday around 9 PM and The Egg did all the heavy lifting until around 7 PM this evening. I wrapped it up in foil when it got to 165 and then let it get on up to 199. The finished product was very juicy and ridiculously tender. If anything it was too tender which would indicate a little overcooking, if you like that competition BBQ firmness. The next one may only stay on until 185.

Overall, it’s VERY tasty. I sliced up the flat and then cubed the point so I could make some burnt ends. It looks to be brisket paradise at the Irwin household for a few days.


I’m in Love with an Egg

By now, if you’ve read any of my Facebook posts, you can probably figure out that I bought an XL Big Green Egg ( I have had it for 3 days and I’ve made 3 meals on it already (ribs, a couple of whole chickens and some drums tonight for the Fam and my mom.) I can not say enough about how easy this thing makes grilling/smoking! If you’re thinking about buying an Egg or just want some good food (or better company) stop on by and I’ll show you the wonder that is …….The Big Green Egg!

Packing on the Weight

Well, we went for a weight checkup at the end of last week and she’s definitely putting all  that milk to good use because she gained 7 oz’s in 9 days, bringing her total to 7 lb’s 8.5 oz’s. Everything is going great just trying to get her on a schedule. She’s takes after her dad, she likes staying up into the wee hours. Here’s a photo from this afternoon.

Hayley’s first visit with her Great Grandpa Landon!

We finally made it out to introduce Hayley to my 91 year old Grand Father. Like the rest of us, he was completely awestruck. She had fun and told me she looks forward to many visits with him.


Hello Everyone!

We’ve decided to put the site back together so that we can share photos and what’s going on with our family. Have a look around and check back often as we will no doubt have a TON of photos in the coming months.

Lots of Love,

Landon & Tiffany

Hayley Elizabeth Irwin

Our little Girl finally got here! She was born Friday, May 25th at 12:32 PM. She came in at 6 lbs 13 oz’s and 20 inches long!